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Is Your Blackberry Going Plazmic?

Creating your own blackberry theme can add so much to your phone when personalizing your multimedia interests. The software has far surpassed the standard ‘create wallpaper’ to encompassing all the attributes of UI (User Interface) design. The Plazmic Content Developers Kit or CDK for blackberry smartphones allows users to completely upgrade their multimedia content.

The kit consists of the tools Plazmic Theme Builder and Plazmic Composer. The Plazmic Composer interface will be immediately familiar to anyone with some design experience. It utilizes the same layers and object catalogs as seen in Photoshop for example. Web designers will love the tool’s ability to weave interactive web pages for viewing in the blackberry browser, plus the vector and animation tools. Designers will also appreciate how it can create banners and embed web links.

The software which is free, can be downloaded here. It allows you to create your own themes, animated themes too, and splash screens. It also comes with a simulator that will test your work before you send it to your phone. It comes with a lot of samples that you can easily customize.

There are some known issues and you should check the site, though generally it’s ok. Some blackberry models like the 8700 may need the installation of the plazmic reader before the kit can work. Your latest install of Windows 7 may have the reader pre-installed, check with your vendor. This is the only software you need as the kit is a suite of tools for facilitating multimedia content.

Of course, most of us will be happy to just download the many freely available blackberry themes. What the kit offers you is the ability to create a set of themes and graphics that is personal to your phone, not used by anyone else; of course, if your theme is that good, you could consider allowing people to download it from your site.

Plazmic software is becoming ubiquitous. It is being seen as a useful add-on to the standard blackberry interface. The software creates the designs and does not require too steep a learning curve. Multimedia developers will love the tool. It’s a new challenge moving from the web to multimedia production for the phone.

Plazmic software is currently for the PC. If you wish to create your own themes and customize your blackberry phone to your heart’s desire, give the kit a whirl and see what graphical content you can weave together.

About the Author: Stephen Davies MSc is a content writer/copywriter and director of, which offers SEO writing and marketing services to the SMB market.

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