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Top Dual-Mode Phones Allowing 2 Sim Cards

If you are interested in seeing the top dual-mode phones allowing 2 SIM cards, check out the models offered by Wiki, Voyager, Samsung, and believe it or not, National Geographic. These dual SIM mobile phones enable you to have two phone services and switch from one to another on the same phone.

One obvious advantage of the dual SIM phone is that you can separate your business and personal calls completely. Another advantage is that you can get the benefits of two different mobile networks for your calls. One network might give you better rates for international mobile services while another gives better coverage for your local calls.

The 2 SIM cards gives you much more flexibility in choosing among all the mobile phone service offers, which can save you a good deal of money.

1. WIKI WK05 Dual SIM Mobile Phone

With WIKI’s WK05 phone, changing from one SIM to another is extremely easy. Two dial buttons make it very easy to keep track of exactly which SIM you are calling from. The Wiki has a 3 inch touch screen, MP4 support and a 2 megapixel camera.

2. Voyager Dual SIM Mobile Phone

One very useful feature of a phone is to have a standby mode that allows you not to miss calls. Business users can really benefit from this features during business hours so as not to miss business critical meeting announcements or calls. Voyager boasts a nice array of applications:

  1. Google Maps provide real time geographic knowledge, great if you are lost!

  2. eBuddy gives you an instant messenger service

  3. WiFi for wireless networking

  4. Bluetooth for your headset connection.

The phone also becomes attractive to the everyday user as it can store 2 GBs of music and video. The GSM standard for phones now includes the four global GSM frequencies – what does this mean? You can use the phone from any location worldwide and as its unlocked, you can connect to another network if required.

3. Samsung D780

The Samsung D780 has dual standby function also. Features of the Samsung include a 2 megapixel camera an MP3 player, and an embedded FM radio receiver. While the D780 has Bluetooth, it does not have Wifi. Samsung D880 and D980 also have 2 SIM cards plus additional features such as touch screens.

4. National Geographic Duet D888

The Duet D888 is made by Beyond E-Tech under a partnership between National Geographic and Cellular Abroad. The unlocked Duet can hold two SIM cards, including one for Cellular Abroad intentional SIM card and whichever other card you choose. The Duet’s features include a 2 megapixel camera, Bluetooth, USB connectivity, a personal organizer, messaging, a speakerphone, an MP3 player, and an FM radio.

When you are deciding to get a phone with lower costs and more flexibility, it’s time to choose one with 2 SIM Cards.

About the Author: Stephen Davies MSc is a content writer/copywriter and director of, which offers SEO writing and marketing services to the SMB market.

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