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Bass Boost Your Earphones with Radius Atomic Bass

When people seek out their new earphones, it’s usually a hunt for the sleek choices appearing on the market in terms of quality. This is why the Radius Atomic Bass is so popular right now. It hits the mark on high quality crystal clear sound as well as much improved noise isolation as compared to many earphones.

Atomic Bass Earbuds

Turn Up The Bass And Listen! The Radius Atomic Bass!

The smooth ergonomic feel is immediately appraised as it fits so snugly on the ear as the device is very compact. Those of us whom love listening to bass will take a shine to the earphones. The excellent bass response from the aluminum earphones booms through with such clear clarity. The earphones are not only compatible with the iphone, they can be used on other standard 3G phones.
Some outstanding features include:

1. It fits comfortably.

2. Great noise isolation.

3. Great quality for fans of various genres albeit classical, hip-hop or rap.

4. Remote control of call control for the iphone 3G.

5. Very affordable earphones at around $30.

The shape is particularly unique, not being so straight. The most noticeable difference is that the earphone buds are styled very differently to other earphones. The buds have a slight angle as can be seen in the above photo.

Whether its rock music or your classical bliss that is needed, the radius Atomic Bass earphones deliver a sound that is well above standard earphones especially the ones that usually accompany mp3 players. Music styles like techno that deliver variants of bass can be heard with more than just a subtle difference. These earphones can also increase the bass.

If your mp3 player needs a new earphone set, this is the way to go. It comes with 3 pairs of ear sleeves. The reason why the bass is so good is that the drivers inside the earphones are based on the more common method of driving the sound along a more direct path. Music of different levels of fidelity can be heard with top quality sound.

With its ergonomic fitting and stylish look and feel, it’s a great next comfortable choice for the music lover.

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