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Finally: Microsoft Office for the iPhone

Those of you who use your iPhones for work are already aware of their ability to read Microsoft Word documents, and inability to do anything else with them. For those who’d like a fully functional Microsoft Office in their pocket, there’s Documents-To-Go.

Documents-To-Go, released by Dataviz, is a powerful iPhone app building off the success of its Mac and PC software, winning Apple’s App Store Pick of the Week in June, and rating a 4+. Documents-To-Go is available for both iPhones and iPod Touches installed with the iPhone OS, so AT&T haters can still enjoy Office on the go. And boy, is there a lot to enjoy.iPhone

· Edit and create Word documents
Documents-To-Go offers integration with Microsoft Word (.doc & .docx) that is truly remarkable. The features we’ve grown used to have all been preserved: the laundry list of options includes spell check, complete character/font formatting, paragraph formatting, auto bullets and numbered lists, and the ability to insert and delete tables. With iPhone OS 3.0, sending of files through email, cut/copy/paste, and shake-based undo/redo are also available.

· View Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, and Apple iWork files
Now you can view files from Microsoft Excel 97-2008, Microsoft PowerPoint 97-2008, and Apple iWork ’08-’09. The other viewable files include website files (.html and .htm) and most image files, which should be handy for those involved in multimedia or web industries.

· InTact Technology
InTact is a technology that reformats files and documents to fit them on the iPhone screen, while retaining all of their original features, and on inspection it does its job as seamlessly as native iPhone apps.

· Syncing
Need to put files from your computer on your iPhone, or vice-versa? Documents-To-Go includes a desktop application for both Mac and PCs that allows easy two-way syncing.

· Microsoft Exchange Attachments version
The Microsoft Exchange Attachments version of DTG has complete Exchange email integration, which allows downloading, editing and creating of Exchange email attachments.

All told, Documents-To-Go is a must-have for office work on the iPhone. It takes useful functions from older apps like QuickOffice, and by integrating the entire Microsoft Office Suite so beautifully, blows away all competition.

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