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The Next Android Phone – Motorola Cliq

Motorola recently announced the next line of cell phones that will utilize the Android platform: Motorola Cliq. Besides Android, this handset will also take advantage of MOTOBLUR which is a synching app. It will sync up your posts, messages, photos, with your social networking platforms: Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and your email accounts.Motorola Cliq

The essence of everything involving the Motorola Cliq is MOTOBLUR. You can mix and match apps and widgets, using those synced with MOTOBLUR or use ones you find on the Android Market. There’s also pre-loaded apps developed by Google.

Here are a list of features you can look to find with the Motorola Cliq:

- Full HTML Browser
- 3G compatibility
- 5 megapixel camera (auto focus)
- Access to photo sharing sites
- YouTube support
- QWERT keyboard

Motorola is really pushing the Cliq as a ‘social phone’, so for those who use their handsets for more than just phone communication this might be worth looking into.

The Motorola Cliq is going to be available Q4 2009, through T-Mobile.

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