GMail will now notify you when you have new email on your blackberry

GMail now has a version 1.5.1 out for at least blackberry devices.  The big update with this is that when you have new email it will put an yellow star on the GMail Icon.  Also by going under Menu in GMail and then “More” and then “Settings” you can check to have your blackberry notify [...]

Google uping their mobile output

Google has a new Mobile Blog to post new info and more about mobile google.
Google has also launched a direct page that is pretty much a center hub or portal for all of their mobile software.
Thanks to Berry Review for the great info and post that they do.
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Google is out to buy 700MHz Bands

Google is out to buy the new 700MHz bands that are opening up for resale in the united states.  Here is the story from Engadget Mobile.
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New google maps app is out!

Okay who needs GPS on a phone?  Google Maps now can triangulate your location and tell you approximately where you are.  I does this by trying to guess your location within the 3 closest towers to your phone.  This even works in buildings where with GPS to work its best you need to be outside [...]

New version of Gmail Mobile App

Google has released a new version of their very popular GMail app, which works with blackberrys, smart phones and most java enabled phones.  This newer version is supposed to be a more stripped down and less of a memory hog.  It does seem to load pretty fast now, though I personally haven’t really had many [...]

Google Free over phone 411 has launched out of beta

Google has 1-800-GOOG-411 their free 411 information service.  It has been in beta but is now launched out of beta with its own webpage and video.

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Do you feel lucky punk? Well do yah!

Funny Google cartoon. Do you feel lucky?
Cyanide & Happiness @
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New google phones? and more than one?

So before the iPhone launch there was already starting to be speculation of google getting into the mobile phone industry.  How much can they revolutionize the mobile phone industry with a new phone?
“According to anonymous sources, Google has multiple phone prototypes and envisions a day in which mobile phones will be ad-supported thanks to services [...]

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