What is a cell Phone Data Cable and how does it work?

What is a Data Cable for a Cell Phone and how do they work?  Some mobile phones come with data cables, and most others you can purchase a data cable for.  Generally they connect to your phone to the USB on your computer.  What they do is allow you to transfer data from the mobile [...]

What do I do if my text messages stop working?

A frequent question people have is, what do I do when my text messages seem to stop working?  If you have not changed any of your message settings then in most cases the best thing to do, is to call your customer service (which can be done by calling 611 from your mobile) and asking [...]

Blackberry 8800 take apart video and screen removal

Good instructional video on how to take apart the blackberry 8800 mobile phone.  Warning, doing this will void your warranty.


Can I block people from calling my ATT Cellphone?

Can I block people from calling my ATT cellphone?  Luckily as of this month you can.  You first need to add Smart Limits to your phone line, which is $4.99 per month.  You can then log onto Smart Limits ATT website.  Then you can pick which numbers you want to be able to block from [...]

How Do I get my pictures off my Moto Razr Phone?

So your question is that you have a Moto Razr and want to know how you can get your pictures to your computer.  There is a few options here.  One is that you can simply MMS (Multimedia Message) the picture to your email address.  Second you can use an usb cable with a program called [...]

What is a SIM card and what does it do?

Your question may be what is a SIM card and what does it do?  A SIM card is a “Subscriber Identity Module” also you may hear to it referred to as a “smart chip” by some people.  Generally SIM card is the correct way to identify it as, as calling it a smart chip can [...]

So what GSM phone picks up the best reception wise?

So everybody wants to know what phones pick up the best?  Well my experience is with GSM phones in America.  Generally Nokia phones pick up the best hands down.  Generally in lower coverage areas they have about a bar of signal better.  Though recently Sony Ericsson has made some great strides and pick up as [...]

Palm Tungsten E2 Take apart video

This video shows you how to take apart a Palm Tungsten E2 PDA.  This will void your warranty.


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