Free Guided iPhone Unlock

Check this out from iPhone Tips, free Guided iPhone Unlock.
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Apple iPhone price cuts

Apple is cutting iPhone prices to; $399 for the 8gig version and the 4gig version will be $299.  They are discontinuing the 4gig version for the higher memory 8 gig.

Over 60 reproduceable bugs found on iPhone

AppleHound did some test and found over 60 different reproduceable bugs that the iPhone has.  Here is the link to the bugs.  Some are minor but some different flaws that the phone has. 
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Watch the new iPhone be taken apart

Great video of a guy taking apart an iPhone step by step.  Caution: This does void your warranty.  The battery is soldered to the mother board.  Just some random info.  But Watch the Video very cool.

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Blender vs. iPhone Video

Ouch!  Apple lovers are screaming from this video.  Myself, I think its pretty damn funny but yeah kinda painful to watch.  An Apple iPhone vs. a Blender.  You have to watch to see what happens

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The Soup: Funny iPhone Video

Pretty funny iPhone video from the guys at The Soup on E! TV.

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iPhone has mixed reviews from Pro Nerds

Engadget did a review with some of its editors of the iPhone.  So did they all love it?  Nope.  It actually had some mixed reviews with the things you would expect someone not to like.  Engadget thinks the iPhone is deffantly not a smart phone but a cool phone to have and use.
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all the ihype and the iphone is only a day away

Well the iphone will officially launch tomorrow June 29th.  The day we find out if the iPhone is really worth all the hype.  It is defiantly going to have some cool features, but my main concern as a blackberry addict is about the keyboard and typing.  I mean I text a lot and so do [...]

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