Verizon Wireless adds new Messaging plans.

“Verizon announced new messaging plans meant for those who use the messaging/data features more than the voice features of their cell phones. All three plans provide unlimited text, picture, IM and video messaging, as well as unlimited mobile Web and data. None of the plans requires an accompanying voice plan. The consumer devices messaging plan [...]

Verizon gets its own HTC Phone, XV6900

Verizon users get a new Smart Phone with the XV6900.  Its pretty much a CDMA HTC touch but of course Verizon in their dumb ways have to load it down with Verizon software to slow down the windows phone with HTC Touch flo.  I’m also not sure they they didn’t brand it as HTC as [...]

ATT and Verizon Wireless announce 4G plans by 2010

After ATT Wireless and Verizon Wireless buy up of the 700 MHz spectrum across the US they have finally announced their plans of what they will be doing with it.  Here is the ATT News and also the Verizon News.  It looks like they will be getting the technology going forward to have 4g networks [...]

New Blackberry Curve 8330 series to Verizon

Verizon Blackbery user’s have something else to be happy about, after not long ago recieving the Blackberry Pearl 8130 now they will get the Blackberry Curve 8330 in may! 
“After seeing it kicked around the Net for a few months, it’s good to see the BlackBerry Curve 8330 finally go live on Verizon Wireless. Well, almost [...]

Info you can find out about Verizon on Wikipedia

I posted the article about Verizon being one of the top 5 worst companies to work for not because I wanted to bash Verizon, but because they are a wireless company and that is what I blog about (being wireless).  You can also read Kelly’s comment about my post at that link. 
“I have worked for [...]

Wikipedia of Major US Mobile Carriers

ATT Mobility Wikipedia
Sprint Nextel Wikipedia
T Mobile USA Wikipedia
Verizon Wireless Wikipedia

Verizon makes top 5 worst places to work

First thanks to BerryReview for their post and pointing this out.
Verizon-Note to anyone who may be in the market for a new cell plan. The term “free upgrade” does not mean the same to Verizon as it may to you. Oh yeah, and I lied about Best Buy having the longest check-out lanes in the [...]

Verizon, of all companies, is going unlimited?

Verizon, which isnt very well known for being very open in the past with their unlimited text (which is only to verizon customers in small print) and their unlimited data (which had a secret 5 gig cap).  Well according to Engadget Mobile they are going unlimited.  I’m sure with Verizon pushing this other companies like [...]

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