how to take apart a blackberry pearl

Ever wanted to see what a Blackberry Pearl looks like taken apart?  Here is a nice video from youtube demonstrating how to fully disassemble a blackberry pearl.  Warning, this will void your manufacturers warranty.

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all the ihype and the iphone is only a day away

Well the iphone will officially launch tomorrow June 29th.  The day we find out if the iPhone is really worth all the hype.  It is defiantly going to have some cool features, but my main concern as a blackberry addict is about the keyboard and typing.  I mean I text a lot and so do [...]

Krystal our first Viral Electronics Nerd

Awesome.  Our first Viral Girl is in her bra and showing off her zune and wii mote in this great fan video.   Enjoy.

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how to rip a youtube video… and yes it does work.

ok so you want to rip a youtube video…. yes yes you do.  Real Player 11 hasnt been released yet which will allow you to download flash videos directly from the site.
1. Ok go to Keep Vid. 
2. Copy and paste the link of the youtube video you want to download.
3. paste the link into the [...]

youtube videos now available with ATT and others

Youtube mobile has been launched! Now with ATT and Sprint and others you can watch youtube videos on the go.  the mobile website is just type that in your phones browser.  If you are going to use this make sure you do have unlimited internet on your phone or you run the risk of [...]

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